hey i'm courtney, go by court though.. i live in a two stoplight town, that's never even heard of a mall or a safeway.. AND i love it. couldn't imagine living anywhere else.. couldn't even bring myself to leave for school, i attend college in the next town over and just commute back and forth. the city's just full of too many cars and strangers for me.. i'll take my one grocery store, full of familiar faces and a old pick up over that noise anydayyy.
…. can’t forget the whiskey.
fishing time.
well that looks like fun.
AHH I miss this damn show
well that’s a plus
woods time is a good time
I’m sorta obsessed
I am obsessed with this. seriously.. ya let’s give people who are just starting at a job or who have yet to prove they deserve to make more money a raise… instead of giving the employees who have proven their worth more money. its beyond retarded.
welcome to oregon